Buckskin Fire District is located north of Parker, Arizona between Headgate Rock Dam and Parker Dam in La Paz County.  
The Buckskin Fire District is 15 miles long, and covers more than 32 square miles of rural property.  We are responsible for all
emergency fire and medical calls to a district of 3200 permanent residents. We operate from 2 strategically located fire
departments within the district, and are not always dispatched to the same call simultaneously.
We respond from normal fire engines and water
tenders, as well as a 28 foot Rescue/Patrol Boat for
medical aid and rescue on or alongside the Colorado
River, i.e., a vehicle in the water. We operate with a staff
of 24  Career Firefighters, and responding Fire Chief.
Helping with daily business is one Administrative
Assistant, and one Administrative Consultant/Grant
Our active Volunteer/Firefighter Reserve program
provides extra manpower when needed. EMS levels
range from Basic Life Support to Paramedic.
Annual call volume is typically 600.
BFD also protects several key structures including the Central Arizona Water Pumping Plant; the Hydroelectric Parker Dam;
the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Headgate Rock Dam; the BillWilliams Wildlife Refuge; Buckskin
and River Island State Parks; and Arizona state land and Bureau of Land Management lands along the Colorado River as well
as Bureau of Indian Affairs land which also borders our district.  

Situated in the desert, along the Colorado River known as the “Parker Strip”, our district is a haven for desert explorers and
water sport enthusiasts.  This area attracts a large tourist and part time resident population and can increase our population in
our small district to 60,000 during peak seasons.  
The major flow of traffic within our district is Highway 95,
between mileage markers 145 and 167. This stretch of
highway is the connecting link between Parker and Lake
Havasu City, AZ. This recently improved and widened
stretch of highway now enables traffic to flow at a higher
rate of speed. The second most widely used road in our
district is Riverside Drive, which follows the Colorado
River AZ coastline, and affords access to the river and
river area homes and businesses. The traffic on these
roads are primarily vehicles towing large boats; motor
homes towing recreational vehicles, etc., enroute to
Parker, Lake Havasu, or the greater Phoenix area.
Our fire district is governed by an elected five member Fire Board. The Buckskin Fire District is supported financially primarily
by tax revenue generated from our small permanent resident population, and not from the entire population we serve.
Those living outside of the Buckskin Fire District, and who have received our emergency services are charged accordingly.  
This additional revenue helps to offset the additional costs incurred for emergency supplies. Most of our budget is spent on
salaries, maintenance, training expenses, normal operational equipment, and medical supplies.
Parker, AZ
Buckskin Fire Department is situated on the banks of the Colorado River, known as the “Parker Strip” in Parker, AZ.  BFD
operates 24/7 from two locations on Riverside Drive.  
Administrative offices are located in Station 11.

Mailing address for both stations:
8500 Riverside Dr., Parker, AZ 85344  
Phone: 928-667-3321  Fax: 928-667-3431
Website: Buckskinfiredepartment.com
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